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Explicit Consent Unnecessary for Warrantless Entry in to Arrestee’s Home When Arrestee Requests Re-Entry to Dress or Change Clothes

For thirty years, Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C. has provided superior representation on a wide range of federal employment law issues, from representing federal employees nationwide in administrative investigations, disciplinary and performance actions, and Bivens lawsuits, to handling security clearance adjudications and employment discrimination cases. 

Warnell Reid was convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm as a previously convicted felon and sentenced to more than fifteen years in prison because federal law enforcement “allowed” his girlfriend, Earnestine Graham, to change out of her pajamas and into clothes following her arrest outside the home she shared with Reid. 

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Policing the Cyber World: Three FBI Agents' Perspectives on Digital Crime

Cybercrime has been a security threat since the early days of Silicon Valley. This new criminal frontier required law enforcement to adapt with new tools and techniques. Today the FBI’s Cyber Division administers a national program to combat digital threats, but in the early years small, underfunded task forces led the way. The National Law Enforcement Museum’s growing oral history collection includes some unique first-hand perspectives on the development of cyber policing. Follow the development of the FBI’s fight against cybercrime through the experiences of three FBI agents.

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DHS Announces New Partners in Effort to Combat Human Trafficking

GEICO’s Good Stuff is a column series highlighting great stuff happening in the federal community.

This week the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced two new partnerships between the DHS Blue Campaign, the unified voice for DHS’ efforts to combat human trafficking.

The DHS Blue Campaign has new partnerships with the City of Phoenix and the Arizona Human Trafficking Council of the Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families.

Through the partnerships, the City of Phoenix and the Arizona Human Trafficking Council will make the Blue Campaign’s training and awareness materials throughout Arizona ahead of Super Bowl XLIX in February 2015.

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The free weekly e-report for Federal Law Enforcement

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