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U.S. Must Fight Terror Online, Homeland Security Chairman Says

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas said the U.S. must put a greater emphasis on stopping domestic terrorism online.

A “global jihadist movement” is expanding because of the power of the internet, the Republican said.

“Now we have a new generation of terrorists that are very savvy on the internet. They know how to exploit it, both how to recruit and train, and to radicalize from within,” he said, later adding: “Through the power of the internet, you don’t have to travel to Syria. You can get radicalized here.”

He’s pitching what he calls a nonpartisan proposal to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom he has endorsed, as well as Hillary Clinton.

McCaul proposes establishing a national digital security commission composed of intelligence, technology, civil liberty and law enforcement experts to vet how to balance privacy with public safety; incorporating social media into investigations and background checks; and better engaging the private sector to remove extremist content while promoting “counter-messaging campaigns.”

He also calls for overhauling the Transportation Security Administration and pursuing biometric-based screenings; strengthening security at overseas airports that fly directly to the U.S.; restructuring the National Security Council and streamlining oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, among other changes.

Referencing the recent bombings in NYC and NJ, McCaul cautioned that attacks like this could become a part of American life as terror networks continue their outreach to Western countries via the internet with the directive to “stay where you are, and then kill by any means necessary.”

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