Combined Federal Campaign Open Season Pushed Back, Major Changes Introduced

Late last week, the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued guidance regarding the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for 2017. 

The CFC’s stated mission “is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all,” and it is “the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year.”

According to the OPM memo, this year’s CFC Open Season “will run from October 2, 2017 through January 12, 2018. This start time is about a month later than in previous years as was recommended by the CFC-50 Commission in its report of July 2012.  This will allow local campaign zones time to organize their engagement strategies in order to incorporate the beneficial key changes described below.”

This year, the CFC will feature a new online portal that seeks to bring together a number of disparate tools used previously.

“Beginning with the fall 2017 CFC period, anyone choosing to make an online pledge through the CFC will be directed to one CFC donor pledging system. New rules also help to streamline the process for Federal shared services and payroll providers -- they will disburse funds to one organization instead of over 120 organizations as required by the prior regulations.” 

Most notable in the guidance are two major changes to the program.

“First, Federal employees will now be able to pledge time to volunteer with CFC charities in addition to pledging funds. Guidance to agencies will be provided.

“Second, OPM is authorized to solicit Federal annuitants and military retirees to continue to use the CFC for charitable giving after they leave Federal service with recurring gifts from their annuity.”

The memo notes that last year, through the CFC program, “federal employees voluntarily participating in the CFC contributed more than $167 million to thousands of local, national and international causes,” and, according to the CFC’s website, the program’s scope has expanded significantly, with “the number of participating charities estimated at over 20,000 nonprofit charitable organizations worldwide.”

OPM’s guidance also includes a link to a complete set of updated CFC rules, which can be accessed HERE.

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