Federal Fumbles Report Highlights Room for Improvement

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) releases the Federal Fumbles report annually to bring attention to areas of waste within federal government operations. This year the report focused primarily on failed policies that prevent the federal government from efficiently serving the taxpayers. Problems with the budgeting process and immigration took center stage as the largest fumble areas in the report.

Sen. Lankford rebuked government shutdowns and the Congress responsible for their occurrence. Sen. Lankford noted that the most recent 35-day shutdown cost the U.S. economy $18 billion, resulting in an estimated $11 billion loss of GDP.

Sen. Lankford also highlighted the confusion and uselessness of the president’s budget and growing budget deficit. A section entitled “Funny Money” described the lack of transparency in spending taxpayer money and argues this contributes to wasteful spending.

On immigration, Sen. Lankford discussed how a lack of immigration judges is causing a massive court backlog, how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) struggles to find immigrants who have overstayed their visas, and how unaccompanied alien children often fall in contact with human traffickers because of unclear handling policies.

Sen. Lankford praised the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who “obtained almost 60,000 convictions of crimes that involved dangerous drugs in FY2017”. He also condemned those who called for the elimination of ICE as “mind-boggling” to him.

Sen Lankford notes, “While there is no real legislative action to protect ICE, the least we can do is vocally support the essential work it provides to every American. ICE employees are federal law enforcement officers, and they work daily to keep us safe. Congress should work to ensure law enforcement agencies have the tools necessary to do their jobs. The solution is not to eliminate ICE; it is to ensure everyone in this country is here legally. Members of Congress should come together to enact meaningful immigration reform that includes securing our northern and southern borders.”

As part of the report, each area of concern comes with a solution, which Sen. Lankford calls his “to-do list” for the Congressional term.

Senator Lankford calls for votes on deficit reduction packages, a restructuring of the Budget Committees, and an end to the president’s budget request among other cost saving measures to improve the appropriations process.

On immigration, Sen. Lankford explains the need for long term reforms to our immigration system and border security.

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