DHS Lowest-Ranked, Most Improved in FEVS

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This week, the annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government report was released.

The results are compiled based on weighted questions in the yearly Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) indicating employees’ willingness to stay at their agencies or recommend their agencies to others as a place to work.

As in recent years, NASA was the highest-scoring agency in the federal government, obtaining a score of 80.9, an increase of 2.3 points from last year, and a 10.5 point lead over the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which came in second with a score of 70.4, a 4 point increase from 2016.

The report contained a mix of good and bad news for the Department of Homeland Security, which ranked last in the annual report, scoring 52 points, and falling 4.1 points behind the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, the last-place ranking does not paint a complete picture of DHS’ performance, as the agency boasted the largest improvement from last year, increasing its score by 6.2 points, the largest increase by the agency since 2009, and DHS’ first improvement after six consecutive years of decreasing engagement scores.

In keeping with these positive signs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a subcomponent of DHS, showed the most improvement of any subcomponent in the survey, increasing its score by 11.5 points (for a final score of 56.7). Six other DHS subcomponents also improved their scores, including FEMA (which improved by 6.3 points) and Customs and Border Protection (which improved by 6.2 points).

2017 marked the third-consecutive year that scores increased government-wide. However, the Partnership for Public Service, which is responsible for the survey, found room for improvement within the results, noting that “the 2017 employee engagement score for private sector employees is 77.8 out of 100, representing a 16.3-point gap with the federal government. Only eight federal agencies scored above the private sector average this year.”




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