Coalition of Federal Management Groups Sends Civil Service Modernization Proposals to House OGR

The Government Managers Coalition – a group of federal employee groups representing federal managers from numerous federal agencies – has sent a letter to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee outlining its vision for civil service modernization. The letter was sent in response to a request from OGR Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who asked for specific ideas during a May 16th hearing featuring testimony from Bill Valdez, President of the Senior Executives Association, the GMC group responsible for spearheading the letter.

The letter contains many suggestions, underpinned by the group’s suggestion that Congress take a holistic view of the current state of the civil service system.

“The most significant challenge facing Congress and the administration is to resist piecemeal changes to federal human capital modernization, and to instead work together to address comprehensive, long-lasting reforms that will provide agency heads and human resource managers with the necessary tools and guidance on how to recruit, develop and retain the federal workforce of the future,” the letter reads.

The group notes as its top priority working to address the development of career leaders, writing that, “Many of the government’s personnel and performance issues stem from the fact that, often, technicians and subject matter experts are promoted into supervisory roles in order to earn promotions, even as many do not actually wish to manage people and, indeed, often lack the political, negotiation, and interpersonal skills necessary to successfully do so.”

Among the other suggestions in the letter are “a reduction in the number of political appointees, which would help streamline decision-making and could save taxpayers nearly $1 billion over ten years” and a call for Congress to “help create a data-centric culture in agencies to more effectively and efficiently deliver programs and services.”

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