OPM Announces Changes to 2018 Combined Federal Campaign

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced that the Honorable Josephine K. Olsen, Ph.D., who currently serves as the director of the Peace Corps, will serve as the Combined Federal Campaign’s (CFC) honorary chairperson. The CFC is a program that allows federal employees to contribute funds and volunteer hours to a wide variety of charitable causes.

According to OPM’s director, Jeff Pon, “Last year, Federal employees voluntarily participating in the CFC contributed more than $104 million to thousands of local, national and international causes in both funds and volunteer time.  The people we serve are all the better for it.”

This year’s CFC solicitation period is scheduled to begin on September 10th and conclude on January 11th, 2019.

Among the changes announced this year are requested improvements to the CFC’s online donation system, and new rules that Pon said will “streamline the process for Federal shared services and payroll providers.  They now disburse funds to one organization instead of over 120 organizations as required by the prior regulations. The new process reduces the burden on your human resources and customer service employees in Finance Centers.  It also makes management of CFC pledges easier for charities.”

“Your active and visible leadership is critical to a successful campaign,” Pon said in his memo to federal agency heads. “With your help, we can make sure campaign workers in your organization reach every Federal employee to let them know how they can make a voluntary contribution and pledge volunteer time to support organizations that help people in need.“

Pon encouraged involvement from federal leaders, noting that “there is a direct correlation between the CFC’s success and the dedication of the leaders who administer the campaign within their agencies and in 36 CFC Zones around the world. Without a personal solicitation from a colleague, employees are less likely to participate in the program.”

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