GSA Releases New Per Diem Rates

The United States General Services Administration has released the per diem rates for Fiscal Year 2019, with the new rates representing a significant increase over previous years.

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As FedSmith notes, as compared to FY 2018, “the new rates have increased by almost 8%, going from $51 in 2018 to $55 in 2019,” with the high end of meal and incidental rates increasing from $74 to $76.

The rates are only relevant to travel within the Continental United States (CONUS). FedSmith notes that the rates are “based on local market costs of mid-priced hotels annually,” with the caps primarily impacting federal employees who are required to travel frequently for work and the caps setting the maximum rate at which they can be reimbursed for lodging, meals, and other transportation-related costs associated with said travel.

“The ADR is a widely accepted lodging-industry measure based upon a property’s room rental revenue divided by the number of rooms rented as reported by the hotel property to the contractor,” said GSA in releasing the information. “This calculation provides GSA with the average rate in a given area.”

The changes by GSA this year also include the addition of 332 “non-standard areas,” which are eligible for a higher per diem rate intended to keep pace with increases in average travel costs in some region. Meanwhile, 14 formerly denoted non-standard areas are being removed.

Full information on local per diem rates, including a searchable map and database, are available via the GSA website.

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