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Cyber Executive Order Coming Soon

Industry leaders are in the process of reviewing a long-promised cybersecurity executive order from the Trump administration.

President Trump was slated to sign the order in February, by unexpectedly canceled without explanation.

Several days later, a revised version of the order leaked, which calls for keeping federal managers accountable for vulnerabilities in their technology systems, and for adopting a slew of cybersecurity best practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The Administration has not given any indications on updates since the leaked order, or a target date for the next release.

White House officials have moved on to sharing an updated draft and seeking feedback from industry leaders, according to Center for Global Enterprise Chairman Samuel Palmisano, who is scheduled to review the draft Monday afternoon.

“My sense is it’s moving along,” Palmisano said of the executive order during a panel discussion on cybersecurity. “Maybe within a week or so we could see something, but I would have said that two to three weeks ago as well.... It’s pretty far along, obviously, if they’re looking for some kind of feedback.”

The February leaked order received generally positive reviews from the cyber community, but the panel stressed that simply holding federal leaders accountable will not do much good if such leaders do not have enough money and flexibility to guarantee adequate cyber protections.

“We’re only fooling ourselves right now if we believe that [the White House Office of Management and Budget], in this climate, that you’re going to take $80 billion of legacy systems … and lift and shift and re-engineer it into a 21st-century solution,” said Karen Evans, the top OMB IT official during the Bush administration and technology and cybersecurity leader of the Trump transition team.

“That’s not going to happen,” she said. “That’s cost prohibitive.”


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