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Giuliani for Attorney General and other Projections for Trump’s Cabinet

The president-elect’s transition team compiled a preliminary list of potential Cabinet members for his administration. Below are a few of the top roles that would affect federal agents.


Secretary of Defense

Several names are being thrown around to fill this position, most notably: Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a close Trump adviser; former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley; and former Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo.).

Additionally, top trump military adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, could fill the position if he received a waiver from Congress. The law mandates that retired military officers must wait seven years before becoming civilian head of the Pentagon. Either way, Flynn is likely to end up in some senior administration post, perhaps serving as national security adviser.


Attorney General

Sources close to president-elect Donald Trump say former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the leading candidate for America’s top prosecutor.

Another contender for the position is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is leading Trump’s transition team.


Homeland Security Secretary

Conservative sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin is a likely possibility for Homeland Security secretary. Clarke has amassed a devoted following on the right, speaking at the Republican National Convention in Ohio where he declared “Blue lives matter.”

Christie is also a possibility for DHS secretary.


Veterans Affairs Secretary

House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller was an early supporter of Trump and is most commonly mentioned to fill the VA secretary position. Miller is retiring from the House.

For a complete list, including Ben Carson from Secretary of Education, read what Buzzfeed compiled.



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