Do You Know a Federal Employee Facing a Tragedy?

FEEA: The Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund, has been assisting federal families in need for more than 30 years. Through college scholarships, disaster relief, emergency hardship loans, and #FedLifeHacks, FEEA has touched the lives of tens of thousands of federal families, including more than 3,000 lower-income feds who needed help during the longest government shutdown in US history in early 2019.

Do you know a federal employee colleague who is facing a personal or family tragedy? If you know someone who has a severe illness themselves or has an immediate family member who has been hospitalized, a fed who lost their home to a fire, or was a victim of violent crime, they may be eligible for a no-fee, no-interest loan from FEEA to help them through their hardship. A list of eligible hardships as well as our online and mobile-friendly application can be found at

FEEA helps feds like Rachel*, who earlier this year suffered a stroke and then had to have a series of brain surgeries as part of her treatment plan. In fact, FEEA has provided over 11,000 loans to federal employees, totaling nearly $8,000,000 since 1986.

We need your help to get the word out about our confidential emergency no-fee, no-interest hardship loan program. Please take a moment to download and print this flyer. You can keep a copy at your desk, share it with your fellow managers, hang it up on the office bulletin board, and give copies to your local human resources colleagues.

Our emergency hardship loans and all of our programs are supported through generous individuals and organizations who donate to FEEA each year. We are especially grateful to BlueCross BlueShield and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield who not only provided incredibly generous support to FEEA to respond to those in most need during the government shutdown, but are also supporting us in expanding the emergency hardship loan program.

As the national charity for and by federal employees FEEA stands with feds, comes to their aid during their darkest tragedies, and thanks them for their ongoing service to the American public.

*Rachel’s photo and name have been changed to protect her privacy.  

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