Federal Court Security Officers Are Now Eligible for FEDS Protection

In our litigious society, professional liability insurance often becomes necessary when there is an event that results in safety concerns, public alarm, injury, death, oversight or a security vulnerability or breach. In 2011, we published an article in this column about the Personal Threats by Sovereign Citizens affecting judges, law enforcement officers (LEOs), and other court officials. As the frontline of defense in federal court facilities, the daily interactions of Court Security Officers (CSOs) with sovereign citizens/anti-government extremists, gang members and other violent offenders have resulted in the need for FEDS Protection to extend the very same coverage available for Federal LEOs to Federal CSOs.

As a Federal CSO, FEDS Protection will provide you with your own personal attorney to defend against allegations arising out of your contract services and pay damages if you are held liable. Whether you are contracted through Paragon Systems, Centerra Group, AKAL Security, or Walden Security, you are eligible for the coverage – at the same cost of $290 annually (plus taxes/fees) available to Federal LEOs.

Since the threat doesn’t end when you walk out of the court each day, FEDS also extends its LEOSA coverage to Federal CSOs. While the LEOSA Acts allow qualified LEOs to act, they do not shield from civil and criminal liability exposure which becomes a concern if you are found to be acting outside of scope or outside of the interest of the U.S..

FEDS understands the unique circumstances of officers who deal with potentially dangerous individuals. This type of work can be in an environment that makes even the best officers vulnerable to lawsuits. For additional information or to make information available to your Federal Court Security Officers, please contact us at 866.955.FEDS or email feds@fedsprotection.com. Enrollment takes 5 minutes - visit us at fedsprotection.com.

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