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Over 9 million current and former Federal Employees and their families rely on some form of benefits from the Federal Government. With the quantity of rules and regulations surrounding these benefits, it’s imperative to have a firm understanding of how these policies can directly affect you.

To help federal civilian employees navigate this complex system, WAEPA has released our FREE 2018 Federal Benefits Guide – a unique, comprehensive publication that gives you a full view of the different pay schedules, base and locality pay, overtime pay, compensatory time off, relocation and retention bonuses, performance awards, holidays, and all the various leave benefits. Written for active federal employees, it also covers the federal student loan repayment program, employee assistance programs, alternative work schedules, federal appointments – including temporary, term, career and career conditional appointments – as well as probationary periods, performance appraisals, transferring to other federal jobs, reinstatement rights, reductions in force rules, rights of military personnel and more!

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2018 Federal Benefits Guide covers:

  1.  Pay
  2.  Awards
  3.  Thrift Savings Accounts
  4.  Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
  5.  Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)
  6.  Federal Leave
  7.  Alternative Work Schedules
  8.  Federal Employee Assistance Programs
  9.  Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI).

Click here to download your FREE copy of WAEPA’s 2018 Federal Benefits Guide today!

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The goal of WAEPA is to provide access to products and services that promote the health, welfare, and financial well-being of its members.


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