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Legislative Priorities for 2017

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As the 114th Congress winds down, and we look ahead to the next Congressional session, FLEOA’S legislative priorities remain firm. At the top of our list is the Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act.

This bill would amend the definition of “law enforcement officer” to extend special retirement benefits for law enforcement officers who do not currently receive it.

Another priority for FLEOA is the Probation Officer Protection Act. This legislation would provide arrest authority for U.S. Probation Officers for individuals who assault, resist, intimidate or interfere with a Probation Officer while in the performance of their duties.

FLEOA is working to pass the Law Enforcement Fair Retirement Act. This FLEOA initiated legislation would allow retiring federal officers to apply the value of uncompensated overtime earned but never received, as credit toward their retirement annuity.

These bills are by no-means all in exclusive. FLEOA will continue to address any bills that are introduced which strip away our pay and benefits and work on bills that affect all of federal law enforcement.  

On the agency front, FLEOA is fully committed to ensuring Postal Police Officers (PPOs) are afforded the right to carry their firearm from their home to their duty station.

Currently, PPOs are not authorized to carry their firearm on to postal property, thus creating a serious officer safety risk. Similarly, FEMA investigators are not authorized to carry firearms despite the fact they investigate serious crimes and fraud against the agency.

FLEOA considers this a very serious officer safety issue and is working to change FEMA policy.

FLEOA has been working very hard and diligently to raise the pay cap for USSS agents during an election year.

Many agents have worked in excess of over $20,000 of overtime for which they will not receive any compensation because they reached the annual pay cap. It appears Congress will raise the pay cap this year up to Executive level II for USSS agents, but FLEOA recognizes that even in non-election years, many agents still exceed the pay cap.

FLEOA will work with Congress to ensure that USSS agents are compensated for any hours worked in excess of the pay cap.

Finally, FLEOA remains dedicated to the realignment of the IRS-CI division. It is critical to the success of the Criminal Investigations Division to remove them from under the IRS and placed them directly under the Treasury Secretary where their talents and expertise will be better put to use. 

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