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    Authorized by Congress in 2000, the three-story, 57,000 square-foot National Law Enforcement Museum will be a mostly underground museum located adjacent to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C.'s Judiciary Square. The Museum will tell the story of American law enforcement through high-tech interactive exhibits, historical and contemporary artifact collections, a dedicated space for research, and diverse educational programming. 

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Three Charged with Allegedly Defrauding FCC of $32 Million

The Justice Department announced last week that three individuals have been charged for alleged roles in an approximately $32 million fraud against a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program that provides discounted telephone services to low-income customers.

The indictment charged three defendants with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and fifteen substantive counts of wire fraud, false claims, and money laundering.

According to the indictment, the defendants engaged in a scheme to submit false claims with the federal Lifeline Program, which provides affordable, nationwide telephone service to Americans through discounted rates for qualifying low-income customers. The Lifeline Program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, a not-for-profit designated and authorized by the FCC.


GEICO's Good Stuff

Tell Us: Why Do You Heart Public Service?

GEICO’s Good Stuff is a column series highlighting great stuff happening in the federal community.

The Public Employees Roundtable (PER) is collecting testimonials from government employees and members of the public in support of an I “Heart” Public Service whiteboard photo campaign. Images will be posted on the PER on Facebook and Instagram pages.

The group behind Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW), which takes place this year from May 4-10, launched the whiteboard campaign in support of this year’s theme: Proud to Serve.


Case Law Update

Eleventh Circuit Held Fourth Amendment Violated Where Police Recorded Attorney-Client Conversation Between A Non-incarcerated Suspect and His Attorney

While investigating an alleged misdemeanor violation of a domestic violence injunction, Detective Thomas Marmo and Sergeant Brian Canova monitored, intercepted, and listened to privileged conversations between their non-incarcerated suspect, Joel Studivant, and his attorney, Anne Marie Gennusa, who were in an interview room at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. The police did so without any notice to Studivant and Gennusa, and without a warrant. Det. Marmo also seized (without a warrant) from Gennusa, on Sgt. Canova’s order, a statement written by Studivant. On appeal, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit held that the surreptitious recording and monitoring of those attorney-client conversations, without notice to Studivant and his attorney, and without a warrant, violated the Fourth Amendment.