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case law update

Seventh Circuit Finds Entrapment by FBI, Reverses Businessman’s Conviction for Bribing Health Care Official

Ambrosio Medrano had dealings with a man purporting to be a health care consultant named George Castro.  In reality, Mr. Castro was an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).  

Mr. Castro informed Mr. Medrano that, in exchange for a bribe, he would be able to secure a government contract for the purchase of medical supplies by Los Angeles County, CA. 

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When Police Shoot: A Dialogue on the Use of Force

On Wednesday December 3, the National Law Enforcement Museum and The Memorial Foundation, builders of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, hosted the Museum’s inaugural Conversations on Law Enforcement panel discussion entitled When Police Shoot: A Dialogue on the Use of Force at the US Navy Memorial’s Burke Theater. The event provided an opportunity for a national discussion on police training and procedure, and the use of force.

Craig Floyd, Chairman & CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, kicked off the event by welcoming the nearly 150  guests in attendance, and thanking the event’s sponsor, Target®, and co-host, Harry Johnson, President & CEO of The Memorial Foundation, Builders of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Mr. Johnson briefly spoke about the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC, and encouraged the panelists, audience and general public to bring forth the four tenants of the Memorial: justice, hope, love and democracy.

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globe connected through internet

FBI Director Warns Citizens To Be Vigilant

During a recent visit to Mississippi, FBI Director James Comey told a crowd of onlookers how terrorist threats such as the Islamic State group are a danger to all citizens of the United States, and stressed how actions of ordinary people could aid in preventing future attacks. In stressing that the danger of Islamic State extends throughout the country, Comey noted that the FBI currently has open cases looking into ISIS/ISIL affiliated individuals in every U.S. state except Alaska.

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policemen behind shields

It's Time for the National Blue Alert

Now that we buried our two NYPD heroes, Detective Liu and Detective Ramos, what is being done to augment protections for our nation's blue warriors? Our nation's leaders will fail if they quietly allow the memory of Detective Liu and Detective Ramos' ultimate sacrifice to revert back to a "chaos as usual" atmosphere. ‎We all know that sound bites provide us with zero ballistic protection, so what can get done? Re-enter the National Blue Alert.

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